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Shawn Schaffer I am trying to locate a flood elevation certificate for property address 3295 Iris Ln Prescott, A... Community Development; Public Works Angelisa Winemiller
Robert Clayton Request for elevation certificate at 1412 Haisley Court, Prescott AZ 86303 lot #16 Parcel #107-17... Public Works Sabrina Nacinovich
Jane Do you have an elevation certificate for duplex 706/708 E Sheldon and/or duplex 700/700 1/2 E She... Public Works Sabrina Nacinovich
brian Please send me grading or 2' contour map for 3422 East Liese Drive Public Works Sabrina Nacinovich
Kevin Greif Attention: Jeff Low   Please send a copy topographic map with 2' contours for the area within 2... Public Works Sabrina Nacinovich
Stuart May Request a copie of the plot plan for measurements of property line to determine was men for build... Community Development Sue Potter
Lynn Snyder Yavapai Hills subdivision design drainage reports by the design engineers that created the ... Public Works Sabrina Nacinovich
Elio Khalife Please provide electronic copies of all reports pertaining to pad conditions, soils, geotechnical... Community Development Sue Potter
Alice Packard I would like to request a copy of the most recent Elevation Certificate for 620 Dougherty St., Pr... Community Development Sue Potter
Hannah Morgan Bid results for the Phase 3 Small Water Main  Public Works Sabrina Nacinovich
Bela Christensen All new business licenses filed in March and April of 2018. Angelisa Winemiller
Catherine Chiarelli I would like a copy of the inspection list and a copy of the building permit for 443 Bloomingdale... Community Development Sue Potter
Victor Wrublik all records regarding complaint #35486 including mike complaint against Mike Fleming Community Development Angelisa Winemiller
Kerrie OBrien Bid Tabulations for:  Alarcon Street Drainage Improvement, #18PWD014, Awarded 3/27/18 & Wes... Public Works Sabrina Nacinovich
Ed Ridder May we get the pre bid meeting list for these 3 projects ; Hassayampa Village 18PWDO17,  FY 2018 ... Public Works Sabrina Nacinovich
Russel Hardy Can you please email me the plan holders list for the Hassayampa Village Lane Intersection Improv... Public Works Sabrina Nacinovich
Veronica Will good afternoon. Can you please send me a copy of the prebid meeting attendees for these two proj... Public Works Sabrina Nacinovich
Russel Hardy Can you please send me the sign in sheet for the FY 18 Pavement Rehabilitation (#18PWD016)?   T... Angelisa Winemiller
Veronica Will Morning. Can you please send me a copy of the prebid attendees for the FY 18 Pavement Rehabilita... Angelisa Winemiller
Ed Ridder Requesting bidders list for both FY18 Pavement Preservation Projects. Bidding on March 22, and Ma... Angelisa Winemiller
Alexis Crochet Hello,  I'm looking for the for bid FY18 Pavement Preservation ( #18PWD015 ) planholders list.  ... Angelisa Winemiller
Russel Hardy Can you please send me the sign in sheet for Project #18-2157810-8930-90036 City of Prescott FY18... Angelisa Winemiller
Veronica Will Good afternoon. Can you please send me a copy of the prebid meeting attendees for the 18PWD015 p... Angelisa Winemiller
Russel Hardy Can you please email me the sign in sheet from the meeting for the Alarcon St. Drainage Improveme... Angelisa Winemiller
Don Nelms Parcel #109-02-065-234 S. Cortez Street, Prescott AZ, 86303-3939 I am trying to validate when th... Angelisa Winemiller
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